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“If we could take Kalaw with us, we would!”, the British are reported to have said when leaving Myanmar. This old hill station on the rim of the Shan Plateau, in the Pinelands, remains a favourite for holidays away from the harsh tropical sun.

Situated at about 1,400 meters above sea-level, Kalaw is located 70 km west of Taunggyi. The main attractions of Kalaw are the town itself with its mock-tutor colonial bungalows, its ethnic mixture of people, and significant trekking routes that lead through many villages occupied by ethnic-minority. Even today, many of the Tudor-style houses and English gardens from the colonial days remain vibrant in Kalaw. There are many hill tribes near Kalaw such as athe Palaung village, and every five days several tribesmen come down to the Kalaw market and trade goods. Usually, the tribesmen come dressed in their traditional clothing, thus adding to the quiet attraction of Kalaw.

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Inle Lake

Inle Lake is the second largest natural lake in Myanmar. It is located in the middle of a greatest depression in the Nyaung Shwe valley, between the two parallel mountain ranges that run from north to south in the Southern Shan State. The lake is 35 km away from the nearest airport at Heho. There are flights from both Yangon and Mandalay flying to Heho on a daily basis. Inle Lake is 14 miles long and 7 miles wide and comparatively shallow. It lies at 4358 feet above the sea level among the hazy blue-mountains that are native to the Southern Shan State. The locals in the Inle Lake area are known as ‘Inthas’’ and are devout Buddhists The Intha men are known for their farming and fishing skills while women are known for their superb silk weaving skills.

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